This Passive Aggression Will Stand

Engaging in some witty vigilante justice has never been more adorable, thanks to the wacky geniuses of the design collective Mixed Species. One of my favorites is the You Park Like Shit applique.


We've all been there before: someone takes up three spaces, swipes your mirror, or boxes you in. Well, your days of teeth-gnashing, helpless weeping, and petty vandalism are over. Just slap one of these suckers on the offender's car and be on your merry way. You get a free gift if you let them know where you found them, too!

I'm also enamored of the colorful and cheeky neighbor doorknob-hangers that advertise events such as 'Virgin Suicides' and 'Tupperware and Bondage Party Home Show'


Mixed species puts the fun in dysfunctional: check out their beef jerky underpants, 'town pump' t-shirts, snarky thank you notes, and more at their Etsy Shop.

-Devan Photo Courtesy Mixed Species.

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