This Message is to Mr. Wayne...

I won’t lie, you will definitely find Lil Wayne in my iTunes library, but these fabulous little ladies of Watoto From the Nile do make a point. In fact, most of today’s hip-hop is overloaded with misogynistic lyrics and Lil Wayne is guilty. Their song “Letter to Lil Wayne,” is recorded over his track “Single” where their innocent voices challenge his inappropriate behavior and disrespect to women. 

These girls who, by the way, are really freaking cute, sing “my daddy tells me I’m a queen, but you call women other things.” They remind Lil Wayne that he has a daughter of his own and they hope he doesn't treat her like he treats the other women he raps about.  Watoto From The Nile also rap about Wayne’s excessive drug use and smoking in music videos, saying he is not a good role model for them.

 It’s so refreshing to see young people speaking out about the lyrics of some rappers. Whether or not there was parent involvement, these three little girls are making a huge statement. I’m anxious to see what Lil Wayne will say about this, if he has any explanation at all! You go girls!

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