This just in: women feel bad about 'cankles'

feet.jpgCNN.com featured an article today explaining what 'cankles' are and how to deal with them.  Though I've had the word 'cankles' in my vocabulary for several years, this story treated it as though it were a new thing.

A personal trainer explained that not everyone can get rid of their cankles, particularly because they are part of one's genetic make-up.   'Although some exercises can make a little difference, he says, most cankles are stubborn and stay put because they're part of a person's anatomy'.  The article goes on to say that some people seek out 'ankle liposuction', something that made me gasp outloud. Doctors warned that ankle liposuction can destroy important nerves and ligaments in the foot. Thanks for the warning, docs. 

The article ends with an interviewee hopelessly lamenting her cankles instead of re-emphasizing the fact that we live in a society that makes even a healthy cankle-ridden person feel bad about themselves, so to keep a stiff-upper lip and say 'Eff you society!' Arrgh. -dahlia

CNN.com / Picture from FreeFever

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