This is Burlesque

New Yorkers, get out your to-do list and put this on there: Buy tix for This is Burlesque at Corio in SoHo. Non-New Yorkers, make sure you hit this up the next time you’re in town. In fact, I recommend planning your trip around it. You will have the most. fun. ever. I hit it up last week and have been talking about it ever since, Laurie went last night and loved it. Loved it! Bring all your friends! And here's a sweet deal - for $5 off your ticket, enter the code: SHWBZ, you can't go wrong!

The modern-day speak-easy burlesque show is hosted by “King of Comedy” Murray Hill, the hardest-working middle-aged man in show business, and he’ll have you laughing your ass off. Just make sure to cover up your funbags if you don’t want his unrelenting attention. But who wouldn’t want that?? The supper-club show features burlesque superstars Angie Pontani and the Pontani Sisters and a few other fabulous gals gettin’ down to some swingin’ tunes. The drinks are strong (free shots at intermission!), the food is good, and the jokes are a-plenty. This sexy, saucy, sultry, bawdy, boozy, randy, racy show happens every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night and the material changes monthly so go, and then go again.        


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