This Half-Naked Lady Really Ties the Room Together. Thanks, GQ!

GQ knows interior design. If you want to put together an “inviting refuge” of a bedroom, all you need is just the right throw rug, pillow sham, desk lamp, and scantily-clad woman. This recent design story suggests a low bed, ground-hugging dressers, geometric patterns, and “sinister” paint jobs for a sexy, impressive atmosphere. It also suggests that along with that mood lighting and $10,000 bed comes a pantless woman, sprawled across that Vioski Palms chair. 

The Cut asks, “Who is this nameless woman in her underwear? Can she be purchased at ABC Carpet & Home?” The answer is yes. Indirectly. That seemingly beautiful model is basking in the glory that is your perfectly designed, yet “carefully curated mess” of a room. If you buy all this simple-yet-not-boring furniture and fixtures, women will flock to your room, ripping their pants off quicker than a Chip N Dale dancer. Which is cool because this story doesn't objectify women at all. Keep it classy, GQ.

Photos via GQ

 Source: The Cut, GQ

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