This Ain't No 'Mancession'


Last February it was reported that for the first time in American history, women were expected to dominate the country’s workforce. 

 This was of course due to the fact that 82 percent of the job losses at that point had befallen men in predominately male job sectors such as construction and manufacturing.

 Well, it’s now over a year later and not only have we yet to reach that milestone but,  according to a new report by Congress’ Joint Economic Committee, we’re actually going backwards.   

“As job losses slowed in the final months of 2009, women continued to lose jobs as men found employment,” the report states. To be more specific, between October 2009 and March 2010, women lost 22,000 jobs while men gained 260,000. 

Not surprising, the report also shows that this so-called “mancession” has been particularly rough on single mothers. Between 2007 and 2009, their unemployment rate rose from 8 percent to almost 14 percent. 

 And you know what doesn’t help women whether they’re single or married, employed or unemployed? 

 The fact that we still earn 30 cents less than men--recession or no recession. 


Image: TreeHugger.com

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