Third State Defunds Planned Parenthood

Yesterday North Carolina became the third state in the last month to defund Planned Parenthood. In the early hours of the morning the state House voted 73-46 to override the governor’s veto with five Democrats helping to override the veto out of fear of a government shutdown. This news comes only weeks after Kansas and Indiana passed bills defunding Title X of the Public Health Service Act. Indiana has gone even further and is attempting to bar those receiving Medicaid benefits from using Planned Parenthoods for any health service. The federal Department of Health and Human Services has deemed this illegal, and has threatened to pull the $4.3 billion in Medicaid funding that the federal government provides to the state. Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Texas are all states that have proposed to defund Planned Parenthood as well, and are on Planned Parenthood’s list of “States to Watch” in the upcoming months.

This spring marks the most dangerous assault in Planned Parenthood’s 95-year history. Planned Parenthood receives federal funding through Title X, which the House of Representatives had voted in February to defund. Luckily this was defeated in the Senate, remaining intact on a national level, though states are individually threatening defunding. Title X is the nation’s family planning program that provides contraceptive and family planning to individuals of low to moderate income. Even though federal funding is not legally allowed to provide abortion services, the attacks are a way to weaken the organization in general, which would jeopardize the welfare of the millions of people that depend on Planned Parenthood each year for their health care services. For many women, Planned Parenthood is their primary health care provider.

Check out Planned Parenthood’s Action Center website for more details on the specific attacks state by state, and how you can get involved.

[Photo of North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue via NPR]

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