TheSquareJaw.com is a site devoted to capturing the male gaze. I founded the site because I felt that male beauty, realized by women, is sort of absent from the photography canon. I’m striving to capture men; specifically, the way they look at women. Bruce Weber is my ultimate hero—his pictures of men are always so beautiful, though I wonder how the subject’s gaze would alter if if there were an underlying attraction. I think you can see the connection between the photographer and the subject, especially in sexual terms.

Other than that, the guys are all really hot. It’s honestly so refreshing to look at handsome men for a change, instead of being inundated with photos of anorexic teenage model girls. I find that when I look at photos of men I respond in a positive way, removed from self-reflection. However, when I see pictures of female models I feel like I have to compare myself to them, because we are the same sex. Cue TheSquareJaw. Let’s look at men unapologetically.

Here are some of my favorite guys:


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