These Shoes Are Made For Chompin'

Ever since I caught sight of Keep's kicks, I've been borderline obsessed with boat shoes.  My tootsies just don't feel right without them (seriously, I have 6 pairs, it's kind of sad).  They're like Vans slip-ons, except way cuter.  Now Keep is satisfying my snack attack with pretzel-patterned sneakers!  Don't they look yummy?

Never heard of Keep?  The line was started by designers Una Kim and Margot Jacobs in 2006.  The gal pals--who are also skaters--entered the world of women's footwear because they were sick of settling for unsightly shoes in kids sizes or worse yet: buying insultingly girly skate shoes (think oversized sneaks with pink and black skull-and-crossbones).  To learn more, check out the Oct/Nov 2007 issue of BUST for an interview, or head over to keepcompany.com to purchase a pair.

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