These Babies Be Actin' Crazy

Tara was LoL-ing her face off over this video. As soon as I saw it I had a crazy baby flash back. I could have sworn I had LoL-ed over this kid before. Turns out it was a completely different kid incased in glass.


I found this video while looking for songs for the Gangsta Baby Showa that I told you guys about before. This is Lil John at his best. I don’t know what I love more: the George Bush with baby clip, turkey baby, or the rappers faces on babies (R.Kelly in a bathtub!). The ultimate giggle came out when Shawty Put is rapping with his friends head under his armpit, wrapped up like a baby! I can’t wait for a female to do a reply rap. Khia would be a great lady to do it. What could the hook be though? Also for those of you who want to celebrate young thugs having young thugs here is the invite to Fabrisha's shower:

The registry info is in the original gangsta baby blog post. 


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