There IS a Word for That! Check Out Writer Lizzie Skurnick's Hilarious Website

Ever get so frustrated at a person who unknowingly holds up everyone because he’s texting, daydreaming, or just lost in his own world?  Ever get more frustrated that you can’t come up with something more civilized to call him than "f***ing a**hole"?

Well, how about "Meanderthal"?

Writer and humorist Lizzie Skurnick coins words to concisely describe situations or specific types of people in "That Should Be A Word", a New York Times One-Page Magazine feature. Skurnick's website The Old Hag also includes "That Should Be A Word" contributions from readers, so feel free to send your own creations her way.

Here are a few of my favorites:

MANECDOTE n. The stories men tell each other. (Submitted by reader Nick R.)

MENABLER (men-AY-blur), n.  One who promotes the patriarchy. ‘Never a menabler, Sara made her son Swiffer the house each week.’

FLAUDIT (FLAW-ditt), n. 1. Pointed insult masked by praise. 'Ginnie’s mother-in-law greeted her with her perennial flaudit: "It’s nice to see you looking rested for a change!"'

The Old Hag is chock-full of book reviews, blog posts, and links to her work she does for the Daily Beast, the Los Angeles Times, and Jezebel.  Check it out to pick up some new lingo and get inspired to create your own new words.  As for me, I’ve saved her website to my bookmarks.

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