The Weird World of Shary Boyle

Shary Boyle is a young Canadian artist residing in Toronto, Canada whose work dabbles on the darker side of life. Her sculpture, projections, paintings and drawings are eerie and undoubtedly beautiful. It seems her work possesses an overtly feminist point of view that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Her sculpture is perfection. The pieces are intricate, well thought-out and simply fantastic. She has even collaborated with the likes of Feist and Peaches on some of her live projection art pieces for which she is best known. A book is available from Conundrum Press spotlighting her work titled Shary Boyle: Otherworld Uprising.

Boyle's work combines historic elements with her hand for technicality makes her work uniquely spirited, shocking and sardonic. For more examples of her work and contact info check out her blog here

A Night with Kramers Egot, Hammer Museum, LA

Live projection artwork with Feist at the Olympia Theatre in Paris in 2005.







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