The Tree Stump Ring



Okay, I know what you're thinking: "A blog about Valentine's Day stuff, already? Sheesh." Valentine's Day is around the corner - happily for lovebirds and lovers alike. Are you fresh out of ideas? Or, perhaps you should treat yourself this year to something sweet. Lend your eyes over to the Stump ring


Sweet but not too girly, this Stump ring hits the nail on the head. From the ethereal Digby & Iona (some of our faves at the 2009 Holiday Craftacular)  this quirky ring even has a heart on the side so you can engrave you and your beloved's initials into the side. And this time, you to get to carry those tree engraved initials with you. 


Prices start at $170 - carve away! [Refinery29]



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