The Terror of Tiny Town

Irrepresible Blythe has gone from forgotten B-line dolly to indie art icon, no small part due to Gina Garan's photography. Now, Blythe's discovered a new art form--the installation. Gallery Hanahou, in collaboration with Japanese art collective ALFORT, presents "Lilliput ~ my little friends." Presented as a "scene from the imaginary Lilliput ballet, in which you, the hero or heroine of the story, fall into a deep sleep and are whisked away to a foreign land...You awake to find yourself on the shore of unconsciousness in this immersive installation of dreams, fantasy, and memory." Trippy! Opening with a reception on April 10th, beginning April 16th all dolls and artwork will be available on the galleryhanahou.com website--and while you're out there, check out Theater ALFORT's gorgeously designed page as well.

~Marie the Intern 

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