The Stylist's Closet goodies coming into BUST HQ's are so effing cute!!!!!


By now you should have heard about the BUST Stylist Closet at the Craftacular on December 14th- just 10 dollars gets you instant VIP access to the closet, where you get to play and grab the item of your choice to take home with you!

BUST HQ's is piling up with serious goodies for the closet. Shoes, bags, jewelry, dresses, jeans- everything is totally awesome and special, I want it all! I know, I know that wouldn't be fair, I have to buy my ticket like everyone else.



Above left, London Underground Shoes- they're even cuter in person! Above right, necklaces Kitsch and Kouture- Peace in Gold and Silver!


Osiris Shoes- Holy shit!  Hi-tops..I love these!

Even more designers after the jump...


It s not too late for designers to participate in the Stylist s Closet. It's an amazing opportunity that even gets you a name drop on the pages of BUST Magazine and BUST.com! Email us for a Participation Form at stylistcloset@bust.com .

Some of the other designers you ll find in the closet are:

Priestess NYC
Claw Money
Queen Bee
Revival Ink
Aviator Nation
Boy Meets Girl
Greta Cavazzoni
Yak Pak
Nikita Clothing USA
80%20 Shoes
Vine and Venetia
Angel Court
Dear Creatures
Hellkats LA
Priestess NYC
London Underground
Osiris Shoes
Kitsch and Kouture
Lise Aug

Buy your tickets now, before they sell out! Doors to the Closet open at 2 pm.

The BUST Stylists Closet is at the BUST Holiday Craftacular event (which goes from 10 am- 7:30 pm) inside of the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street in NYC!

And stay tuned to BUST.com for more exciting updates and keep an eye out as more and more AMAZING designers are added to the list everyday!

xoxo Mara Cates

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