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On their full-length debut, Brooklyn-based prog progenitors Mirror Mirror use swirling keyboards, echoes, choir chants, frantic falsettos, and shifting time signatures to their fullest, creepiest effect. It’s weird music for weirdos. With an album title that sounds like it was ripped from the pages of Dianetics and track names like “First Gate,” “New Horizons,” and “Vision Number 6,” Mirror Mirror seems to be embracing the whole cult aesthetic. Think a dark Flaming Lips, a sinister Polyphonic Spree, or Sgt. Pepper’s on bad acid and you’ll have an idea of the group’s schizophrenic song cycles. Live, the band often recruits a rotating cast of characters to create theatrics, video, and even facilitate group massages to accompany their utopian psychedelia (according to their press release, “cosmic erotic ecstasy” is their goal, which seems about right). If you plan to see their show, tell a friend where you’re going—just to be safe.

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