The "Right Way" to Instagram

What self-respecting iPhone owner doesn’t have a borderline obsessive relationship with Instagram? Try as you may, the social media app is one that seems to inevitably permeate our lives, giving us real-time glimpses – in photo format! - into other people’s worlds.

This is one of the reasons that NYC based filmmaker Casey Neistat of YouTube fame and creator of the HBO series The Neistat Brothers, made a little how-to for those of us who haven’t quite grasped how to fully appreciate the beauty of the app. He pleas with Instagram users not to let the social media platform go the way of Facebook; that is, a vortex of mindless crap posted by people you are kinda-sorta friends with.

Neistat does make a good point about the right and wrong way to post photos. Snapping a pic of every meal you eat or posting shameless selfie after shameless selfie doesn’t make for an interesting documentation of your life. Hey, Justin Beiber, we’re looking at you! 


Video and photo via youtube.com

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