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Madonna's back again! Her new single 'Celebration' has been making the rounds on the Internet for a couple of weeks now, and now there's a video teaser to go with it! Let's face it -- only someone as fabulous as Madonna can get away with producing a teaser for a music video. There's not too much to see in this clip except Madonna's totally fly studded dress, but if the choreography is even half as awesome as the supermarket checkout breakdown in '4 Minutes' then you can bet this vid won't disappoint.
According to MTV, 'Celebration' will be released as part of Her Madgesty's third greatest hits collection, out September 29 on Warner Bros. Records. 'Celebration: The Video Collection DVD' -- which looks EPIC -- comes out the same day and will include an unedited version of the oh-so-infamous 'Justify My Love' and newer videos from Hard Candy and Confessions on a Dance Floor. Now please excuse me while I go pre-order this.

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