The Pintester Gives DIY a Try, Hilarity Ensues

How many times have you come across a cute tutorial on Pinterest and thought to yourself, “Wow, that looks so easy! I’m totally going to try that!”—only to have it result in an atrocious stinking pile of failure? Personally, this happens more than my ego will let me admit. But now, thanks to the Pintester who spends her free time “fucking up Pinterest pins so you don’t have to,” there’s a way to tell which projects and recipes are worth it and which will end up, well, not quite like how the perfectly posed pictures promised.

Dripping with sarcasm and to-the-point, the Pintester’s recollections of her trials (mostly resulting in errors) and ability to out-cuss a sailor will have you in stitches. Her love of cheesy puns (I’m absolutely convinced she made blue balls solely to pepper in some ball jokes), drinking, and all things titled “no-sew,” “no-bake,” and “drunken” shine through consistently in her posts. Though licking the rim of a martini glass and sticking popcorn seasoning to it when the recipe calls for a fresh grapefruit slice and sea salt is a project destined for failure, some projects are followed to a T—and still, ultimately, end up a flop. Check out the Pintester, and be prepared to imminently devote the next two hours to reading the entire blog.

Images courtesy of Pintester.com

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