The Perfect Halloween Goody: A Trick And A Treat All In One


I’ve always been a hot sauce kind of girl, so when I came across a recipe for homemade sriracha, I knew I had found my 2012 Halloween treat. Sriracha is the perfect alternative to cookies, cakes, and candy. Give something to your friends that they won’t already have entire boxes of, and that won’t go stale. A baby jar of homemade hot sauce truly is a gift that keeps on giving—the peppers will keep kicking long after the meal is done, and the potent sauce will last a while.

The homemade aspect shows you care enough to ferment your own peppers. It also aids in the trickery. If your friend thinks she can down some sriracha with ease, boy, is she wrong—the homemade version packs an even bigger punch than the store-bought varieties. Gotcha! An effective gift should be a good fit for the lucky recipient AND represent the person giving it.  So whether you’re a bold lady who packs a punch, or if you are the quiet type with a lot going on inside, head to the farmer’s market right now before all the peppers are gone!  Oh, and don't forget a personalized label. 


Photos via reclaimingprovincial.com and zazzle.com 

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