The Onion Apologizes to Quvenzhané Wallis, We’re Still Feeling Feelings About It

There are three major things we’ve been talking about at BUST re: The Oscars—Anne Hathaway’s nipples, Jennifer Lawrence’s wonderfully goofy presser, and “that tweet”. You know, the one that satirical news purveyor The Onion sent out the night of the awards, regarding Quvenzhané Wallis. I’ll refrain from repeating it because one, you’ve probably already seen it and two, it makes me feel icky. But check it out—The Onion has released an apology to the young actress:

Unfortunately for The Onion, the Internet has a very long memory when it comes to tweet-related gaffs. The person who wrote the offending tweet was probably an outlier, but that doesn't change the fact that they were allowed to publish their anti-joke in the first place. God knows, tweets and status updates (and, let's be real, blog posts) are easy to screw up. One tone deaf phrase could, and often does, unleash the shittiest of shit storms. 

What do you think? Does the above apology do the trick? Is it the best possible reply to an unfortunate slip up? Your thoughts, dear readers! 


Source: Upworthy

Photos via Fox Searchlight, Upworthy

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