The Ladies of Polaroid Contest Winners!

We’re very pleased to announce the winners of the Ladies of Polaroid contest, a photo competition sponsored by www.landcameras.com and co–sponsored by BUST. The idea was to submit photos inspired by the vintage manuals from the original Polaroid Land Camera, and the results were all pretty amazing, and so adorable!

           There were two categories, “reproduction” and “open” where the photographers were asked to create images inspired by the originals. People really got into the styling, poses and hair and make up, and I had a blast being one of the judges. The other esteemed judges were musician Damien Jurado, his wife/manager/photographer, Sarah Jurado, photographer and co-founder of Landcameras.com Penny Felts, and Tali Edut, co-founder of Astrostyle.com. The two first place winners each get a snazzy, refurbished, just like new land camera, in addition to a subscription to BUST, the 2nd place winners get the BUST sub.

Below are the winners, which were judges on the following categories:


Overall Reproduction

In the spirit of the original photos


1st place winner for Reproduction

Photographer: Juliane Ebert

Model: Cat Krämer

Location: Berlin Neukölln, Germany


1st place winner for Open:

Photographer: Lisa Predko

Model: Katie Sniadach

Location: Chicago, USA

Styling: Liz Klafeta

Hair & Makeup: Martina Sykes

Retouching: Sarah Crump


2nd place for Reproduction:

Photographer: J. Astra Brinkmann

Model: Brisa Elizabeth Wendt

Location: San Francisco, USA


2nd place for Open:

Photographer: Dauss Miller

Model: Paulina

Location: Carmel, IN

Photo-stylist, Makeup artist, and location scout: Kelly Oswalt

Clothes: Red Rose Vintage


Of course not contest would be complete without honorable mentions:

Photographer: Vienna Di Ruscio

Model: Vanessa Mannell

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan


Photographer: Jena Ardell

Model: Barb

Location: Los Angeles, USA


Thank you to all the contestants, to view all the entries and see the originals that inspired the artists, as well as their comments on the process, go to http://landcameras.com/blog/results-the-ladies-of-polaroid/

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