The Ladies of "Mad Men" Take on the Supremes

And the March Madness continues! That horrible pun is not a reference to basketball, but to a different kind of TV event--AMC’s Mad Men, whose new season premieres March 25th.

Since the promo videos are comprised of old footage, fans have little to speculate about regarding the new season, beyond the cast photos released earlier this month. Befitting of a show about the creative process of advertising, though, the fanbase has mobilized, creating its own material to hype the premiere.

I stumbled upon this fantastic video made by Pop Culture Pirate and @marcfaletti which artfully syncs clips of the female characters of Mad Men with the Supremes' "You Keep Me Hangin' On." (Because of the song's rhythm, the Mad Men characters sound a bit like they're on quaaludes, but that just adds to the charm.) It's especially clever because that song was recorded in 1966, the same year in which season 5 of the show begins. It's just another reminder of the fantastic female characters we'll be reunited with soon--we're checking off the days on our wall calendars.

(Photo via AMC)

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