The Hipster Games: From District 12 to Silver Lake

The Hunger Games are maybe the antithesis of anything hipster--a multi-million dollar blockbuster written for twelve year olds and playing at only the most mainstream of multiplexes? Definitely not standard hipster fare. For some reason, though, the young adult series has really struck a chord in my circle of tattooed, bespectacled, bicycle-riding twenty-something friend group. We can't get enough of Katniss Everdeen.

Reading the books, I couldn't help but wonder how my friends and I would do in a fight to the death. Without the comforts of brunch, PBR, and Opening Ceremony, how would we live?!

As if reading my mind, the folks at Wyoma Films created the Hipster Games. With players from the five districts of Portland, Austin, Brooklyn (represent!), Oakland, and Silver Lake, this spoof is a riot. The contestants are doing yoga, salvaging old records, wearing ponchos, and all around being ridiculous. The mystery of how I'd do in the Hunger Games is solved: I would be dead in a second. The Hipster Games, though, I might be able to master.

Check out the clip below and may the trends be ever in your favor.

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Image source Tumblr.com

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