The Graphic Novel of Anne Frank

My intense interest in biographies was sparked while studying World War II in what seemed like all three years of middle school. Reading Anne Frank's diary was one of the rare occasions that we got to hear the perspective of someone the same age as us 7th graders— hearing about the world from the perspective of someone at least twice our tween age was almost always like listening to Charlie Brown's teacher. However, Anne's voice and story were so relatable from the perspective of a fellow young girl, and at the same time unimaginable and heartbreaking. Of course, many movies came out based on her and her family's life,  but now there's going to be a graphic novel based on the beloved journal. 

The Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam has launched the biography— with author Sid Jacobson and illustrator Ernie Colón— as a way to get a wider audience (AKA teenagers who won't pick up anything without pictures or web links) to read the diary, mainly in an educational setting. With the success of historical biographies like Art Spiegelman's Maus and Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis, Anne Frank's graphic novel is bound to be a success among young readers and those wanting to give it another look. Publisher Hill & Wang will be distributing the illustrated biography later this month, so check it out!

Image: The Guardian

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