My Future Is So Bright, I Am Forced to Wear Shades

The temperatures continue to rise and the sun is making its way out from behind the April clouds, meaning it's nearly time to bust out your raddest sunglasses. There's no better way to avoid eye strain, hide a hangover, or masquerade as a reclusive famous person. Below are some of our favorite options for this summer, and since we tend to go through pairs pretty quickly (read: accidentally sit on them in the car), they're all ultra-cheapies.

These bright and graphic babies make a statement, and as a bonus, will make you look more like MIA. This pair is also a part of H&M's Fashion Against AIDS, so proceeds go to international organizations supporting HIV/AIDS research and prevention. Sunglasses, $9.95, hm.com

Round specs aren't just for Harry Potter enthusiasts - these chic, retro frames will impress nerds and Gaga fans alike. Almost Famous Sunglasses, $9, lulus.com

For a vintage-inspired, lady-in-a-Far-Side-cartoon feel, these cat-eyed sunnies are perfect. Metal Tip Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $16, urbanoutfitters.com

For a glam rock look, get these flamboyant numbers. Lolita Style Swarovski Crystal Sunglasses, $35, etsy.com

For BUSTies who like the heart-shaped look but are still paying off student loans, these lovelies are a cheaper alternative. Love the Sunglasses, $11.99, modcloth.com

These oversized shades have a 70s glamour that'll have everybody confusing you for Klute-era Fonda. UO Inglot Glasses, $16, urbanoutfitters.com

Or, last but definitely not least, take things to Crazy Town with the "Ultimate Tropical Fantasy Fruit Hawaiian Sunglasses", $35, etsy.com

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