The Flip Side": Reversing Gender Roles in Da Club

Last week, a video called “The Flip Side (Bar)” went viral, parodying male/female dynamics in the club scene. The video depicts men acting stereotypically female, and vice versa.   I love the video for three reasons:

1)  It gives humorous insight into the experience of being the other sex in a place where you are expected to embody every possible gender stereotype in existence.  It’s easy to lose track, in this video, of which gender is supposed to be embodying which characteristics. This is rather nice, because it acknowledges there isn’t one way to be, when it comes to gender.

2)  Each gender is equally parodied.  One woman at the bar leers at a man as he passes, and grabs his ass.  The man turns around, slaps her, and exclaims in a high pitched voice, “Asshole!!!!”  Neither men nor women get away with discourteous behavior, but neither do they emerge without looking ridiculous. The question of blame is lifted, leaving both sexes antics revealed at last call. 

3)  Finally, this short video shows just how outrageous and phony the club scene can be.

There is a second video called “The Flip Side (Dating)” which takes on gendered responsibilities and ten.  A couple is sitting at a table in a restaurant when another couple comes in, and the guy asks his girlfriend why she never opens the door for him anymore.  The videos are pretty funny to look at, but they do make you re-examine stereotypical gender roles.  


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