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Liz Taylor by Kathe BurkhartThe Cheim and Read Gallery on West 25th Street here in New York is offering a particularly busty exhibit through September 19th.  'The Female Gaze: Women Look at Women' is a collection of artwork by women, of women.

'This exhibition attempts to debunk the notion of the male gaze by providing a group of works in which the artist and subject do not relate as 'voyeur' and 'object' but as woman and woman. It would be interesting to ask the question how we would feel about the works in the exhibition if we were told they were made by a man'.

The artists range from Lisa Yuskavage to Kathe Burkhart to Joan Mitchell.  Check it out, it definitely looks thought-provoking. -dahlia

Portrait of Liz Taylor, 'Tough Titty' by Kathe Burkhart / Press Release

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