The Facts of Life: Women Like to Get Drunk Before Sex

In yet another sexist survey, researchers ''found'' that the average woman has slept with eight men, and has been under the influence when partnering up with at least five.  A slew of articles have already begun popping up on news websites, most claiming that women need alcohol to feel confident during sex.  Okay, sure, alcohol does smooth things over a bit, but come on now: surely women aren't wetting their whistles alone.  It takes two, baby.

Oh, and just so you don't miss out on all of the outrageous statistics, here are a few more fun facts from the survey:

-         75% of women like to drink before bedding down

-         1 in 6 women does not ''have the confidence to sleep with someone'' when sober

-         4 out of 10 women are tipsy when sleeping with a partner the first time

-         6% of women claim to have never had sex sober

How often do you ladies hit the sauce before sex?  Does your pre-coital consumption match these results?  Hopefully everyone doesn't have to get tipsy before getting frisky.

NY Daily News Article / news.com.au

Photo courtesy flickr.com/photos/nyki_m / CC BY 2.0

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