The Definitive Nicki Minaj Mix

Like many people who work in an office, I find chair-dancing to be an integral part of getting through my day. If we learned anything in 2011, it's that sitting down is definitely killing all of us right now, and until I get that treadmill desk, I plan to fidget my way to a marginally longer life. 

This week's regimen has been soundtracked by this excellent Soundcloud mix of Nicki Minaj's mixtape hits, made by NYC DJ Sparber. It's got me high-fiving-a-million-angels in my seat to the point where I'm actually having a hard time concentrating and might have to go walk around the block real quick to burn some energy off?

Minaj is a master of pop culture references, fake British accents, and going from a growl to a baby voice in 10 seconds or less. For me, the mixtape tracks collected here capture Nicki's magic in a way that her full-length debut Pink Friday didn't quite, despite (or maybe because of) its slick production. Download this mix. It's really good. 

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