The Coloring Dress



How many times have you stood in front of your closet, staring into space? You know that feeling that comes with the familiar little voice. I haven't got a thing to wear.


Have no fear, the alum from All Star Challenge, Berber Soepboer and Michiel Schuurman created the Colour-In Dress. Now, instead of fussing over a garment that's the wrong color or pattern...you can make your own! Reminiscent of coloring books and doodling in class margins, it seems almost retro-y. Not to mention, with a rainbow of colors, the dress can look flirty and sweet.


Each dress comes blank with a packet of markers and viola! A new frock emerges. There's one snag: once you color the dress, that's it! The color does not wash away, so choose your shades wisely. 


Hurry up my little fashionistas: only fifty dresses have been produced at $250 euros apiece. 


For more info, check out this post on the Colour-In Dress at Ecouterre.


Images courtesy of Michiel Shuurman & Ecouterre. 

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