The CHICK-tionary by Anna Lefler

Anna Lefler’s The CHICK-tionary is a hilarious must-read which includes more than 450 words, ranging from "A-Line" to "Z-Snap." The book does more than just provide definitions, though--it offers interesting comments, examples, and comic relief. Before reading this book, I had no idea that Mrs. Potato Head existed outside of the toy box, or likewise a puma outside the wild. Here’s a small glimpse at what the book has to offer:

Mrs. Potato Head, noun

: A slang term for a woman who has had so many plastic surgery and/or facial rejuvenation procedures that she appears extremely artificial, as if she is comprised of separate, unrelated parts that have been haphazardly assembled. 

Puma, noun

: Often confused with the cougar (see also: cougar), the puma shares certain characteristics with her more experienced counterpart, but can typically be found instead in the twenty to thirty-five age range. The puma (a.k.a the pre-cougar) struts across the sexual tundra, identifying her prey without thought to long-term commitment or even day-after phone calls.


To learn more about Anna Lefler and The CHICK-tionary, visit her website: http://annalefler.com and watch the book trailer.

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