The Case of the Puking Pug

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It all started when Chrissie Brodigan, a 32-year-old woman from Brooklyn, boarded the L train and her 15 lb pug got sick. The pug, who has not been identified, was taken out of his carrier at which point Brodigan was approached by  three police officers and instructed to put the pug back in his container. Depending on who you ask next, the end of this story is told in a couple of ways. Alternate Ending #1 as told by The Gothamist is that the pug has health problems and became overheated. When the cop tried issuing Brodigan a ticket for having her dog out of its carrier, she became upset and the officer said, 'If you're going to act like a woman, I'm going to treat you like a woman.' The officer then punched Brodigan, handcuffed her, and grabbed and pinched her breasts. Outrageous, right!? And hard to believe? I think so, but the photos support this side of the story. On the flip side of things, there is the story delivered by the New York Post that it was Brodigan who instigated the altercation by yelling racial slurs at Joel Witriol, NYPD's first Hasidic cop. According to a witness, Brodigan said, 'You fucking Jew. You're not even human.' Brodigan says she 'doesn't remember' saying this.

Many things are wrong with this. Wouldn't you remember publicly shouting a racial slur? Shouldn't there be hundreds who witnessed this objectively? I mean, I feel like if I tried to do something as subtle as picking a wedgie on the metro, at least seven people would notice.

So, clearly, someone is lying through their teeth and the only conclusion I can draw is that something ugly went down on the L train yesterday. Until the truth sets this story free, I can only feel sorry for the poor puking pug and say, let us bring back human decency to the MTA. ~Hannah

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