The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival in Brooklyn Again!

This Saturday is the fourth annual Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. The event is free to the public, and promotes alternative comics artists and publications. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about comics, and pick up some radical zines and prints, directly from the artists or publishers themselves. I have been to the Fest twice and both times were filled really amazing experiences.

Check out the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest’s website, comicsandgraphicsfest.com, for more information about exhibitors, programming, satellite events, and special guests. Many of the exhibitors are from other counties and this year's BCGF has many special guests from France.

A few artists of many that I think BUST readers would appreciate are Anouk Ricard, a quirky children’s illustrator; Nine Antico, an illustrator who work focuses on pop culture; Roz Chast, well known for her cartoons in the New Yorker; and Lilli Carré, a film maker and cartoonist who is know for creating heavy-hearted stories.

The festival itself will be held at two venues in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Exhibitors will be at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church at 275 N 8th Street, and the programs will be held at the Knitting Factory at 361 Metropolitan Ave. See you there!

Images via comicsandgraphics.tumblr.com. The artists featured on blog in order are Anouk Ricard, Nine Antico, Roz Chast, and Lilli Carré.

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