The Big Sound of Little Boots

little boots
Little Boots , the electro-pop sensation of the moment, had her big
coming out party last night at New York's Le Poisson Rouge. The
show - ostensibly a release party for her upcoming EP, Illuminations, was
sold out well in advance, filling the room with an odd mix of
fresh-off-the-bus hipsters and a V.I.P. section packed with crusty
  executives-or as one attendee put it, the 'parents section.'  But
Little Boots (real name Victoria Hesketh) didn't disappoint, producing
a tidy set of blissed-out dancefloor grooves culminating in an
extended version of 'Stuck on Repeat,' her unlikely hit club anthem.
Hesketh, the latest in a long line of buzzy blonde talent to bubble up
out of the U.K. (Annie et al), resembled a glittery Naomi
Watts, sprinting around the 'circle-in-the-round' stage set-up and
sounding more like synth-y Kylie Minogue than Goldfrapp. The hipster
frosh, though, didn't seem to mind.

Arty electropunks Heartsrevolution opened the show, displaying more
style than substance, matching white outfits and day-glo pink
keyboards with their retro-fitted ice cream-cum-postal truck parked
out truck- a designer package that felt pretty tired. (Like, so 2007).
With her boyfriend Ben on adjacent keys watching helplessly,
frontwoman Lo stumbled around the stage with a handle of Jack Daniels,
often climbing the drum kit and assorted risers, managing to barely
hold it together. Her matching pink eyeliner, though, didn't run. Dylan Stableford

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