Ten-Year-Old Girl Has Breast Cancer
hanna_jj1.jpgA girl in California is battling breast cancer earlier than most girls even need training bras.

Hannah Powell-Auslam is 10 and she has already had a mastectomy. She discovered a lump on her chest and an ultrasound revealed she has a slow-growing type of cancer, secretary carcinoma. The cancer is in one of her lymph nodes, so Hannah may have to undergo chemo and more surgery. She is the youngest case reported in the US. The youngest case on the planet was a four-year-old in China.

She didn't really even know what cancer was before the diagnosis. Hannah said: ''How could this happen? I am only ten. I just kept crying and couldn't stop.''

Hannah's parents have put up a web page called OurLittleSweetPea.com. Her mother pointed out that it is important for family members to be open to talking to one another about their bodies. -Liza
(photo via ourlittlesweetpea.com)

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