Teeth Lost, Hearts Won

Dance, clap, and stomp along to Teeth Lost, Hearts Won, the first stateside album from Aussie pop darlings, The Grates.

Call them crazy, silly, quirky, or childlike, but there’s one thing this Brisbane-born, Brooklyn-based power-pop trio is not: subtle. Teeth Lost, Hearts Won—the band’s second full-length but the first to mark them as Stateside darlings—is a raucous foot-stomper from the start, with openers “Burn Bridges” and “Carve Your Name” exploding into instant sing-alongs (think That Dog on speed with a way more intense singer). Frontwoman Patience Hodgson is the definition of wild abandon, shrilling and trilling with an unintelligible flair that only adds to her charm. You’ll dig the ultrafun party tracks first, but don’t ignore mid-album slow jams like the sugary “The Sum of Every Part” or the dark-as-night “Storms and Fevers”—that’s where the Grates really shine, and you’ll come back to those songs over and over. Promise.

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