Teen Witch: Best. Movie. Ever.

Here's why Sunday afternoon television totally rules: as I write this, ABC Family is airing Teen Witch, one of the most awesome/terrible high-school flicks of the 80s. I loved this movie when I was younger, and it's still one of my guiltiest pleasures; I mean, who can resist a cheesy escapist story about a nerd who becomes the most popular girl in school...by using witchcraft? And not just any old witchcraft--witchcraft taught by the incomparable Zelda Rubinstein. Plus, it features the following:

-A vile girl named Kiki (what else?) who makes our heroine's life hell.
-Semi-choreographed song-and-dance numbers.
-A total hunkified heartthrob named Brad.
-A magic bedazzled denim tour jacket.
-And the piece de resistance, as shown in the above video: a suburban rap crew getting totally faced by Polly's rad rhymes.

Oh my god, it's just too good. Watch the vid, ladies--you won't be sorry. (The magic starts about 37 seconds in.)

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