Tavi Gevinson's Coming to a Theater Near You

BUST cover girl Tavi Gevinson is one step closer to world domination. Her Rookie Road Trip just ended on June 28, and Gevinson already has a new project in the works. America’s favorite rookie is about to try her hand at acting with a role that almost sounds tailor-made for her. Fabulous writer/director Nicole Holofcener is helming the currently untitled film, which will also star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Gandolfini, and Catherine Keener. Gevinson will play Chloe, a girl who grows up much faster than her peers because she never received a lot of attention from her parents. Although Gevinson’s real-life parents are wonderfully attentive and supportive, she does seem to be light years ahead of her fellow 16-year-olds. Most high schoolers aren’t Editor-in-Chief of their own magazine or sitting front row during Fashion Week.

Holofcener has written four feature films, including 2010’s Please Give. She’s also directed episodes of Parks and Recreation, Six Feet Under, and Sex and the City.

Gevinson won’t have any time for a breather after her road trip, since filming starts this month and continues into September. She’s also signed with the ultra-legit United Talent Agency, which represents Angelina Jolie and Vanessa Williams, among other Hollywood heavyweights. 

What else would you expect from the blogger-fashionista-feminist prodigy?


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