Tavi Charms Colbert!

Tavi Gevinson, 16-year-old fashion blogger, business owner, author, feminist, and BUST cover girl, was interviewed by Stephen Colbert on his show last Thursday. She was promoting her book Rookie Yearbook One, which commemorates the one-year anniversary of her online magazine Rookie. The magazine is a feminist website for teens that covers a variety of serious issues, and also includes fun fashion tips and the like.

Tavi is the youngest guest that Colbert has ever had on his show. His first question to her was when she was going to start achieving something with her life, which made her giggle. Besides looking awesome with her adorable hair-bow and sweater, she also confidently answered the questions asked of her, and charmed Colbert into a huge smile when she called him a cool dad. You can really tell he liked that. Find out how the rest of the interview went here!


Picture courtesy of colbertnewshub.com 

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