Talking to You, Talking to Me

The Watson Twins have matured beyond what they're most known for: singing backup on Jenny Lewis' 2006 solo album, Rabbit Fur Coat.

In reality, the duo has little more in common with the Rilo Kiley frontwoman than their folk-genre classification. While both channel American roots music, the Twins go beyond mere interpretation; they have soul seething in their veins. The heart-wrenching ballads of Talking to You, Talking to Me make Lewis' tales of dropping acid seem quaint (no offense, Jenny). The record is beautiful and dark, with lines such as, "There's nothing to cure/I've been this way for centuries." Siren songs like "Midnight" bring chills when the twins' soulful vocals wail over a soft, waltz beat and eerie Rhodes organ. Talking to You, Talking to Me, is an open wound unabashedly bared.

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