Taking Burlesque Fashion to the Masses

David Quinn might not be a name on your fashion radar, but this underground icon is poised to bring his fun, flattering fabric creations to the mainstream. Quinn makes art for artists to wear, creating costumes for dancers and circus performers, and gowns for brides and burlesque stars alike. He is known for unconventional fashion shows that double as performance art, and for working with neo-burlesque beauties such as World Famous *BOB* and recent Lagerfeld muse Dirty Martini, women whose charisma and curves require equally impressive clothes. 

In World Famous *BOB*'s solo performance piece "One Man Show," about a girl who had to become a drag queen to become a woman, Quinn provides a dazzling wardrobe for a powerful woman. As *BOB* slips in and out of her glitzy gowns, recounting the bumpy, glitter-littered road she took from small-town misfit to  "The Dream Come True Girl," it becomes obvious that dressing (and undressing) herself is a transformative experience.  *BOB* calls herself a "female-female impersonator," and in her fabulous, fiercely feminine Quinn-designed couture, she sparkles as hard as any of the sequins on her bodice.

World Famous *BOB* in a David Quinn dress (via stylelikeu)

Dirty Martini in one of her many Quinn creations (Ted D'Ottavio via Myspace)

Miss Astrid matches her signature eyepatch to a David Quinn dress (via Myspace)

Now Quinn is releasing a ready-to-wear line for Spring/Summer 2012, a preview of which, although teeny-tiny, can be seen here:

Though the line is decidedly demure compared to some of Quinn's work, it's still exciting that he's offering options for those of us mere mortals not lucky enough to be Dirty Martini. Quinn's  flair for color, texture, and patterns translates into chic options for any lady looking to channel her inner queen, whether she's working at the office or working it onstage.  

Check out more looks and find out how Quinn can rock your body at DavidQuinnNewYork.com.

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