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Picking a costume for Halloween is hard work, if you take it seriously (which I do, thank you very much). Finding the perfect balance of funny, interesting, and comfortable to walk around in is incredibly difficult. And forget buying something at a store if you want to avoid tacking the word “sexy” to the beginning of your costume and freezing to death.

That’s why the blog “Take Back Halloween!” is so incredible. Its mission is to “take back” Halloween, and give women who don’t necessarily want to dress up as a sexy fill-in-the-blank some options. Separated into the categories of “Glamour Grrls”, “Goddesses and Legends,” “Notable Women,” and “Queens,” the site gives a background on each badass lady, and a detailed DIY guide to constructing the costume yourself.  My personal favorites are the Rita Hayworth, Josephine Baker, Diana Ross, and Emma Goldman costumes. Check it out to get some fun, feminist ideas for Halloween this year!


Images via takebackhalloween.org.





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