Swim Seapunk With Customizable Mermaid Tails

For centuries, mermaids have been known for their mysticism in folklore and fairy tales. They’re often described sitting on rocky shores combing their hair with shells and luring sailors in with their songs and, more recently, they've appeared in the Disney franchise as Ariel, the aquatic princess. But a more interesting association with mermaids spawned from the current generation has been seapunk. Honestly, I never entirely understood what seapunk was, when it started or if it ever faded out, but I’m still sort of obsessed with the whole Coral Records crew. Taking inspiration from the underwater creatures, Etsy shop owner Monika Naumann has come up with an alternative to the summer bikini—yup, customizable mermaid tails, that yes, you can really swim with in the pool or ocean…or go to a seapunk rave in. The fins come in sparkly shades of green, red, blue, orange and are available by clicking here

Image courtesy of Monika Naumann on Etsy

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