Sweet Jams: Shadow Shadow Shade Record Review

shadow_shadow_shade_record_picEvery year when the temperature starts to decrease I find myself fumbling through albums that beckon story telling, invite group vocals and paint dream like images of autumn breezes flowing through my moth eaten flannel. Now I do recognize that many people do this all year round, but there is something so pleasing about seasonal record listening. Nothing says fall like the crunching of leaves and twigs beneath feet that are frolicking to a shoe gaze, experimental, Americana soaked record.

Shadow Shadow Shades's debut record is all this and more. The LA natives arrange a palette of textures fit for a mix tape connoisseur. Bands that come to mind when first confronted with this record are The Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene and The Decemberists, combined with some dance like indie rock hooks that may be found in artists  such as Animal Collective and Snowden.

I really enjoy the eerie choir like sing alongs that come with well curated group vocals. Holy smokes, this record hits the nail right on the head! The band's sole female vocalist is a classically trained opera singer which is balanced out so beautifully with the male crooning that happens on songs like "Pale of Fern" and "Did Not The Lights Go Out For You." Each song is filled to the brim with infectious  haunting melodies and brought to an epic climax in the most wonderful way. Over all this record is delightfully alluring, fun and sophisticated. Take a listen for yourself at Shadow Shadow Shade's official website. I think you will find it's a sure gem.

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