For one night only Leslie and the Lys took over the Des Moines Social Club by pushing back all the tables and chairs and creating the ultimate dance party. With lessons and games and DJ Mona Bones on the decks, nobody went home without getting up on the dance floor.  The following is the photographic proof with captions by Leslie Hall.

"This crew I would consider top tier providers of lovely-ness. When they show up they have style class and a pinch of domination. I'd take notes study up and pay attention cause me like'zze."


I'm gonna find myself surrounded by hot thangs. Yellow Jeans? Tights ass pants? Cat Sweaters in August?  All I wish is for these people to never make babies so they can always spend money on themselves and their flowing hair dreams.

"I  was calling to all the dance gypsies in the crowd and this one was trying to hide in white shorts.  But I called to her inner demon of women flow and it showed itself.  Susie truly has the wonderful power of the groove."

"I walked the room trying to talk with people and shaking the hands of my fellow dreamers.  When a man wears tie dye to a dance hall he wants one of two things.  A new lover or to catch a dream with a dream catcher.  (Probably one that could be me in a forest sitting nude on a lawn chair)"

"What?  I'm not in this one!!  Well Mona Bonez is holding it down with her music requests and stamp of jams. Who wouldn't wanna photo that? Even looking up inside nose holes is flattering."


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