Suspicious Package

If you stand too close to an amp, you feel like you're in hell; stand too close to your headphones while Earl Greyhound is playing, and your skin might melt right off.

The sound of this blues-tinged New York trio may feel ripped from the late '60s but we're not talking about some flower-child love fest. Suspicious Package, the band's sophomore full-length, is like Zep meets Floyd meets Fleetwood Mac. It's a hot and heavy roller coaster filled with soft nuance that makes the hard jams seem even harder. Kamara Thomas' bone-chilling howl and throbbing bass explode on "The Eyes of Cassandra (Part 2)" and are immediately countered by her sweet interplay with singer/guitarist Matt Whyte on the boozy "Sea of Japan." Ricc Sheridan's Keith Moon drums are especially massive against the subtle synths of "Holy Immortality." Turn on, tune in, and drop out, man-Earl Greyhound is about to pummel you something fierce.

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