SUPER Movie Premieres in LA

Our latest cover girl, the lovely Liv Tyler, made the scene last Monday for the premiere of the dark and absurd comedy SUPER, along with her pops, and co-stars Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page.

SUPER is yet another take on the masked super hero genre ala Kick Ass or Scott Pilgrim vs. the world. In SUPER, Liv plays an addict that succumbs to an evil drug dealer, played hilariously by Kevin Bacon (he is exceptionally sleazy and awesome in this role) while her ex, schlumpy husband Frank (Wilson), under the guise of his alter ego, the Crimson Bolt, tries to save her. Accompanied by his overly eager and horny side kick, Bolti (Page), Frank becomes a super violent vigilante, and ends up getting almost everyone killed, while trying to save his lady.

At best SUPER is an anti Hollywood take on the genre, sometimes hilariously funny, (thanks to Wilson’s comedic timing), at worst, it’s a B movie bloodbath full of over glorified odes to violence for fan boys only.

I probably would have likes this movie a whole lot more if it weren’t for the freakish rape scene where Bolti rapes Frank, yes a tiny 5 foot girl rapes a 6’3” guy.  It's odd to see Ellen Page in a super sexual role, maybe because she looks so much like a kid, but this scene is just plain disturbing. I know this is supposed to be some sort of feminist role reversal thing, but instead of being empowering, it’s just all wrong.  And I know that it was directed by the Troma guy, not known for their subtlety, but still, it fell short for me. That being said, the acting was very good, Ellen especially nailed her psycho characters’ exuberance.  

 If you like ultra violent comic book style movies, than you’ll love SUPER.

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