Super Animal Brothers III

Dance all night and never miss a beat with electronic duo Ear Pwr's Super Animal Brothers III.

Sometimes the only thing more contrived than completely electronic bands are music duos formed by real-life couples. Ear Pwr is both, yet manages to make tunes with oodles of sincerity and zero gimmick. Super Animal Brothers III is the stuff of all-night dance-offs. Influences float in and out, as diverse as Italo Disco and early-’90s dance, and even theme-park sounds make an appearance. “Discover Your Colors” has so many layers that it becomes ambient, both relaxing and exhilarating at once. “Future Eyes” begins as an epic dance hit and continues into a beat-heavy, clubby track that automatically makes your feet move. The only thing missing here is the ability to magically conjure up Ear Pwr in person every time you pop in Super Animal Brothers III, because there is nothing like seeing these two live.

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