Vintage Summer Snapshots From 1936-1938

I’m a big vintage photo collector, so I was pretty jazzed when I found a whole basket of late 1930s photos hidden away at a local antique store. This particular bunch of images all appear to be from the same group of friends and family--snapshots from summers together between 1936 through 1938. While the hot days keep getting hotter, these photos are a perfect source of inspiration on how to look cute and still stay cool. They’re also an adorable glimpse into some of the happy moments of these ladies’ and gents’ lives together--not to mention a great look at everyday 1930s fashion. Even though we only have August left, there’s still plenty of time to take a cue from these photos on how to spend our remaining summer days: bike rides, swings, laying on the grass, lounging by the water, and sitting on trees over a lake. Yes, please!


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